Our services for
exhibitors of Insights-X

Legal advice

We give our support in order to institute legal steps against product piracy the soonest possible on location. Unfairly copied products that are exhibited on the fair may cause an enormous economic loss. Should you, therefore, find in preparation of the fair or at the beginning of the fair that a competitor infringes the law on competition we are in the position to advise and represent you immediately.

Having been authorised by the exhibitor concerned we, based on the individual case, take action without delay to have the fake product removed from the fair – if possible still on the same day. If necessary, the removal of the product is effected by a court order or using the services of a bailiff.

As well, we assist you with our advice as regards having property rights to your own products and inventions secured at an early time.

Refund of value-added tax

Before the start of the fair you can find the up-to-date forms for having V.A.T. refunded on our services sites. You may complete these forms and send them directly to us.