Erich Lehmann studied business administration (HWF) in Nuremberg and, subsequently, jurisprudence at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (compulsory optional subject: tax law). Since 1979, Mr Lehmann has been active as a lawyer, in particular in the field of banking and capital market law. In addition, a focus of his activity was working on loan loss and litigation risks in leading positions, among them six years with a regional as well as nineteen years with a supra-regional bank. For more than ten years he was a member of the renowned law firm of Dr. Neuhof, experts in banking law. In 2012, he joined the law firm of Dr. Scholz & Weispfenning. His professional background ensures workable solutions for banks, account customers, investors, security providers as well as shareholders.

>>   Attorney at Law (Admitted in Germany)
>>   Graduate in Business Administration

Erich Lehmann

Attorney at Law
(Admitted in Germany)

>> Banking and Capital Market Law
>> Credit and Loan Security Law
>> Finance and
     Investment Consulting
>> Insolvency Law
>> Enforcement Law